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Sarah Louise is an artist Jason met at an art therapy group. She experiments with various media and challenges herself with new skills. This results in a fantastic range of work that shows a journey through her fluctuating mental never quite know what she is going to do next!


Jason came across Steve's artwork while they were both exhibiting in Birmingham. His work resinates with Jason because it highlights the daily struggles associated with mental health whatever the diagnosis.

Steve started out using black ink then slowly progressed to working with paints and colour. Much like Jason, his work evolves alongside his mental health which is impacted by isolation and abandonment. This makes it difficult for Steve to form relationships.

Diagnosed with Schizophrenia at 23, he feels a lot of anger towards his illness which can be debilitating at times and prevents Steve from living a full and varied life. Art is an outlet, enabling Steve to release negative emotions and stress's that would otherwise overwhelm him and exacerbate his condition.

The result is powerful images of real life struggles and constant battles within the mind of the sufferer. Steve's work is not always easy viewing but then neither is mental health and the message is loud and clear. 

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